e:Quotes is a complete suite of applications for Inside Sales and New sales automation for both Oracle e-business and non-oracle customers. It is the enterprise standard for Quote management for some of top fortune 500 companies and market leaders. E:Quotes is a quoting tool that is used as a bolt on to Oracle e-Business suite It has 2 major products – New Sales and Inside Sales.

Key Features

Designed to be in “plug and play” mode with Oracle e-Business Suite.
Designed and developed using the product using Oracle e-Business suite open API´s,
Fully integrated with Oracle Service Contracts and Install Base.
Exhaustive error tracking ability
Integrated with Oracles workflow took to send notifications based on configuration
Designed to seamlessley integrate with any Licensing engine.
Select items from a Price List and E:Quotes automatically compile quotes.
Modify the Quote to meet the requirements of your customers and your company.
Convert quotes to invoices, orders and more.
Intelligent layouts allow maximum flexibility in quote design and speedy printing by automatically choosing the correct designs for your single or multi-page quotes.
Import and export popular database formats for price lists and contacts.
Built-in ability to create Adobe Acrobat-compatible PDF files for 1-Click E-mailing.
Send invoices directly to QuickBooks with the E:Quote Accounting Link.
32,000-character product descriptions and information-rich catalog.
Single-user and network versions available.
Field sales forces can sync quotes to contact managers, and use E:Quote File Organizer to gather electronic quotes from the field.
6 months of free phone technical support with each purchase.


Our approach is to combine the strengths of e:Quotes, our proven Quote automation platform with the expert consulting services to rapidly design, configure and implement a solution that is tailored to your requirements. WalkWater professional services team has extensive experience in implementing e:Quotes across several industries including hi-tech (products and services), software, media and entertainment. We combine this industry expertise with deep domain knowledge; quote to cash business process and deep product expertise to create a solution that fits your business needs.

Depending on your company size, complexity, budget and resources, WalkWater has two distinct implementation approaches to meet your needs. For both these approaches the basic stages are as follows:


In this stage we understand unique business process and scenarios and perform detail requirements gathering and analysis. The output of this stage is "what is needed from the solution”


In this stage we quickly configure some key scenarios and load appropriate data and conduct workshops with the key stakeholders for each specific Quote Automation scenarios to Review Critique Refine Tailor the solution to meet the requirements and incorporating best practices in the process as well. The output is a configured base solution explaining "how the system will work”


In this stage we with your technical staff to design and develop key integration with your existing data from your ERP/other source systems; determine data migration details and develop and unique enhancements relevant for your business. The output is a "full working solution"


In this stage the focus is on conducting various testing cycles including UAT. We leverage a repository of pre-packaged relevant business test case scenarios to enable comprehensive preparation and execution of extensive functional and integrated end to end testing. The output is a "full tested and accepted solution”


In this stage we train the end users; perform a conversion dry run and finally migrate to the new system and perform a "one quarter parallel run" before being fully business operational. At the output is "running your Quote Automation processes using e:Quotes".


In this stage customer transitions to e:Quotes support and starts to learn and optimize the solution as business evolves